So You Want To Change The World?

There is anger out there, there is unrest among people and a rage is brewing everywhere across social media. People fighting about Trump, Brexit, woman’s rights, racial equality, social / financial equality, sexual freedom, the environmental crisis, authenticity, abuse, war, corruption. There seems to be an endless list of things which people are either offended by or damn right enraged by. I understand where this anger comes from and I am angry too…I’m angry that its happening, I’m angry that those in power aren’t fixing it but most of all I’m angry with you…yes YOU!

You are not making it better, you are not setting an example, you are not being responsible…you are blinkered.

If you are mad that a man abused his position of power and you were the victim of abuse don’t make that about all men. If you have been disempowered, calling all men rapists will not help you.

If you are mad that women everywhere are shouting “no more!”, calling all women victims and liars will not help you.

If you feel the power of your church slipping from relevance, blaming Queer folk and marriage equality will not help you.

You are responsible for every choice you make, for every word that passes your lips or leaves your keyboard. If you want to burn the world in hellfire and fury then go ahead but remember YOU are responsible for the fallout.

For every tweet blaming all men for the crimes of the world, somewhere another man takes his own life. Every time you call all women liars, somewhere there is woman suffering in silence now too afraid to speak, for every immigrant you blame for everything you go without, there is a child back in their homeland literally starving to death.

Every war brings collateral damage…are you tough enough to bare that burden?!

Humans need pacifiers and security blankets, perhaps you don’t agree with the things which make them feel safe (religion, materialism etc) so you try to take it all away from them on a mission to set them free, be a hero…but then what? Are you going to take care of these people now questioning everything…fearing everything…anxious about everything?

Think before you embrace the instant relief from your frustrations that social media brings, use your 280 characters to say what you really mean rather than simply reacting. Ask yourself “Would I say this out loud, in public and IRL?” You may be safe behind the screens but somewhere someone may actually be getting hurt by your words. There may be a victory or two in your righteous battle, but undoubtedly there will be unnecessary causalities and unintended backlash.

Use your rage and harness your anger to fight what needs to be fought but do it armed with wisdom and understanding, justice and mercy in equal measure. Question your motives and know that words are powerful, words are magic, say what you mean and mean what you say. Take aim at the real culprits of the world’s injustices. Broad strokes and gross generalisations enrage only more people and soon an individual’s personal vendetta spreads like a bush fire consuming the innocent whilst the truly responsible hide in their ivory towers blissfully unaware of your outrage.

What a waste of time…


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