Imbolc Changes

Imbolc falls around the 2nd of February.  Known as Candlemas within the Clan it often ushers in periods of change for me.  This year is proving to be no exception.  As i sit typing this blog a new sign is being erected outside my office window…the logo of the company which successfully took ownership of the old.  Tomorrow i shall move to a new home with my Partner (now Fiance) of 6 months.  I wonder about change, its inevitability and our perception to it.  I am reminded of ‘The Tower’ card in Tarot and think to myself that change is much like magic…neutral by nature.  Perhaps Change really is just another form of magic…after all what does magic seek to do if not cause change?

As me Lady begins weaving my life thread with a whole array of new silken colour i try to embrace her with open arms.  The image of the lightning stuck tower, people fleeing from the burning foundations in a seeming iconic image of destruction and despair.  I feel like one of those poor souls, leaping from the windows of home comfort into the unknown.  But here is where choice come into play.  I could panic, resist the inevitable and lash out against Fate’s almighty Lightning Bolt choosing to make life unnecessarily hard for myself OR I could roll with the tides of change just as the waves rise and fall as the underlying geology dictates.

I think I will choose the latter, and just like the waves, with a great sigh I bless the past for all it has given me but now its time to move on…asRobert Cochrane says…the one thing the cauldron is not is motionless! I can not fight my Wyrd any more than the snow can resist the thaw!

We move into our new home this weekend, 2 days before Candlemas.  Traditionally a time to purify and bless, I have chosen this Candlemas (or Imbolc if you prefer) to ritually embrace the changes upon me, to cleanse and purify our new home.

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