Coldrum – A Fleeting Visit

As today was looking to be an especially fine day weather-wise I decided to break up the hum drum working day and escape to the Coldrum stones in my lunch hour.  With the recent mania of life it had been some time since I paid a visit to this, one of my all time favourite sacred sites here in Kent.  

I grabbed a quick sandwich and bottle of fruit juice en route, with the intention of sharing my humble lunch with the Spirits of Coldrum   I arrived at the designated car park (no cars…Bonus!) to be greeted by our ladies voice emanating from a hundred birds rejoicing in the first bit of sunshine so far this year.  I could feel the mild warmth on my cheek as I strolled down the gravel path to the fields which lead to the Coldrum Stones.


Someone very close by was burning wood and garden rubbish, no doubt making room in preparation for the spring which today was clearly upon us. In the hedgerows little green shoots poked through the cold claggy soil still slightly waterlogged from the morning’s thaw.

I approached the crossroads which to me had come to represent everything it is to be traditional crafter.  Anyone with the remotest amount of sensitivity can tell something (or someone!) dwells here.  I leave a small silver coin with a silent prayer of offering and the gentlest of breezes whispers through the Ash trees overhead…a sign of acceptance and welcome to an old friend perhaps?

Now I’m not going to rattle off a load of academic tripe about the stones and their history.  I have provided a link to some good info on that if you’re interested; my blog is about experience and feeling and it has to be said this site is one in which I feel the most.  I have been visiting the site since I was introduced to it back at the age of about 15 by some long-standing Pagan friends of mine and have been coming back ever since.  Someday I would like to do some proper ritual work here however at full moons the site is claimed by a local Wiccan group and most other days and evenings the site is generally periodically over run with dog walkers and local ramblers.  In fact I hate that the site is so well-known, ever-increasing scars left by well-intentioned Neo Pagans and New Age Travellers makes me cross every time I visit and yet there are some, Pagan and Non Pagan alike who seem to be able to enjoy the space and leave no trace that they were ever there and it would be a real shame to see them ever deprived of that privilege.

Today was no exception, I emerged from behind the old Fetch Tree, adorned with a multitude of ribbon shaped prayers and offerings of all colours, shapes and sizes. I usually find this tree somewhat of a monstrosity although today in the spring sunlight and its myriad of tiny pink buds it actually looked quite beautiful.  I was greeted by an excitable collie, bounding around his two owners, a man and woman out for a stroll and had stopped her to break open the thermos and rest.  

As far as I was concerned they were here first so as much as I wished they would just bugger off and let me do what I came here to do I maintained my distance behind the wooden fence and opened my awareness with the intention of nothing more simple exchange.  It was like saying hello to an old friend (or group of friends) and without revealing too much personal detail, it seemed the spirits here remembered me and in the fleeting 20 minutes I had there it felt like home once again.

For more information on the Coldrum Stones and neighbouring megaliths I have added a couple of recommended sites


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One Response to Coldrum – A Fleeting Visit

  1. Tubals Forge says:

    An enjoyable read and as you rightly point out, it’s about getting out to sites and the experience that brings rather than endless academic spiel. Looking forward to reading more in the future.



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