A Rant on Responsibility

I am prone to having a rant occasionally…I like to think of it as a sign of passion and intense conviction and for the first time in more somewhat recent blogging history i would like to share a rant with you.

I am a member of a Traditional Witchcraft Yahoo Group.  Browsing my emails over the weekend a particular email relating to dreams stirred my interest and so i read the piece from beginning to end.  This particular person was writing to the forum asking for help and advice on a rather disturbing problem they were having…this person was having….wait for it….

Wait for it…..

…..Nightmares!!!!! (cue dramatic music!).  In their email they were convinced these nightmares were the result of a spirit longing to get their attention, maybe an ancestor or an evil impish entity which has been attracted to their spiritual light like a nasty tick!

This person received a few responses…all offering very wise and sound advice on how to deal with said otherworldly parasite.  Yet so far no one has yet asked if this person had cheese before bed?!? Or maybe this person was watching particularly nasty programmes or playing on the XBox before sleep?!?

As silly as this sounds there is a very serious point I am trying to make here.  We are practitioners of a magical tradition yet that doesn’t mean we must immerse ourself in delusion and sacrifice all shred of reason and logic.  Nightmares do not always equal spiritual parasites, a pubescent teenager who suffers mood swings is not automatically possessed…sometimes a spade really is just a spade!

I am a scientist by trade, being a scientist and a Witch has been a curse and a blessing.  If you look back at a previous post of mine you will see that balance is something I have always struggled with.  In this case and in my opinion knowing when to suspend disbelief and submit one’s rational mind to the magic of the Gods and when to maintain a healthy scepticism is just another form of balance we must ALL strive for. 

There is no room in Magic for ego…and equally there is no place in magical traditions for ego flattery and feeding someone’s delusions.  We are all human, we are all gifted with the greatest gift the Gods (whoever you may choose to call them) can give….FREE WILL.  So let’s all take a deep breath, look upon the arse-hole who stole your parking space, think about the choices we make from day-to-day and rather than think you are cursed, possesed or it happened because Mystic Meg said so…think maybe…just maybe you (yes you….and ONLY you!) made a bad choice.

In Fate, and the overcoming of Fate is the true Grael, for from this inspiration comes, and death is defeated.  There is no Fate so terrible that is can not be overcome…”

RC ‘Letters to Joe Wilson – 12th Night 1966’

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2 Responses to A Rant on Responsibility

  1. Melissa says:

    Good one… I like this rant. I’ve been reading alot of books on wicca (I know you’re not wiccan, you’re traditional and I know there’s a world of difference 🙂 )… as well as celtic shamanism, books about dreams, quantum physics and basically anything I can get my hands on to understand this thing that people call magick. I am not pagan, nor am I a witch, but I am completely engrossed in the study of it… whether that will lead to my own practice down the line one day or not I don’t know. It’s possible, as it’s already a huge part of my life. Anyway the point is that when I step outside of books and go online, I find all kinds of people who write blogs and have youtube channels. Some seem to understand the balance between the mundane and the spiritual… and others do not. I guess i’m speaking somewhat as an outsider as I don’t practice myself, but it seems that those who don’t keep a firm grasp on reality do a huge injustice to pagans and witches as a whole. Maybe it’s part of why alot of people can’t understand what witchcraft is. Magick is real and it makes sense. That’s what I believe. But sometimes, as you said, a spade is just a spade. And when there’s so many people out there raving about how “my spirit guides told me this, and Isis came to me in a dream and told me that…” maybe that’s the sort of thing that makes people jump to negative conclusions about magick and those who practice it… they make it sound like crazy stuff when really, it’s not.

  2. downstrodden says:

    The real trick is to integrate the magical with the mundane so there is no separation…walking the middle road with one foot in each world is not an easy life to live, unfortunately some people find one extreme (i.e. mundane life) too much to cope with so they throw themselves off the knife edge into the other extreme which often leads to dellusion and fantasy in order to escape their woes! The Craft has taught me that ‘Life’ with all its trials and tribulations is a necessary part of spritual growth…just as important as submitting one’s self to one’s Gods…
    Thank you for your comments and interest in what i have to say Melissa!

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