Kits Coty – A Fleeting Visit Part II

Lunchtime again…an hour of freedom and escape from the shackles of the humdrum 9-5.  Only today is a misty cold day, much like late autumn yet with a hint of something stirring in the background.  For today’s jaunt I decided to visit Kit’s Coty House, a monument standing proudly upon the Downs a short drive off the A229 heading up Bluebell hill.

Unlike the Coldrum stones which envelop you in a calming shroud of Maternal comfort, this monument has an entirely different feel.  Almost like a Titan looming upon the hill, standing guard since the beginning of time itself, the spirit of this place is Fatherly and powerful, the complete polar opposite to the Spirit of the Coldrums.  Yet strangely enough both seem to embody the very spirit of the Downs themselves…both nutruring and protective.

The fine mist shielded me from the sight of the industrialised town below, Aylesford paper mill is often the one blot on the landscape which can detract from my visits to this place but not today, today I was granted with a light veil of shelter from the constantly steaming vents and chimneys below.  Fortunately the Downs could still be seen through the mist, offering their ever-present and reassuring mantle of familiarity and strength. 

The thing I love most about this place is its obvious age.  Again like the very Downs which surround the monument you can really feel how old this site is.  Roman graffiti, etched onto the stones by some of Kent’s most influential inhabitants, can still be seen clear as anything and I have heard many tales from others familiar with the area who have seen and heard the ghostly sounds of marching…possibly a Roman century making their way across the county not long after they first landed at Dover? Who knows?! I personally have never witnessed such visions although at Kits Coty I sense something older, more profound, like Chronos himself standing, watching the men, women and children of the towns below growing, living, loving and dying whilst He remains there, the eternal Grandfather.

A truly wonderful place to be alone, to be in the moment, to be still and well…just BE!

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