Harm None? (with a capital N?)

I do love a good rant…it’s good for the soul to have a thorough purge every now and then, my rants however do seem to becoming more frequent as I approach the big 3.0! Besides a good vent, I love Kent’s sacred landscape even more.  The Medway Valley is scattered with many Neolithic sites and one above all is my favourite…The Coldrum stones (Sound familiar?)

So you can imagine my continual outrage and sheer disgust when every time I visit, my eye is drawn instantly to the Fire-pit, created some time ago when it was barely a foot wide, now after years of continual use the fire pit has become a scar almost 3 feet in diameter.  On every occasion I find myself knelt at this blot on the mound picking out iron nails from the ashes, a record amount on my last visit which, in the spirit of the old ways, I shall put to good use!

That very same visit I was also stunned to see the main stones which make up the burial chamber covered in graffiti which looked no more attractive than kids’ scrawlings over the living room wall and what’s more it was in wax crayon (yes wax i.e. WATERPROOF!) and you know what amazed, nay ate me up inside the most about these particular doodles?  Not the Pentagram, not the spirals…but right above it, slightly to my left, in brazen pastel glory, etched in black the words “Harm None”

I trust no one here fails to see the irony that someone obviously of Wiccan leanings (“Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil an it Harm None do what ye Will”) decided it would be perfectly acceptable and not at all harmful to anyone or anything to deface this beautiful monument with something like “Harm None” in Crayola wax Crayon?! Or leave a handful of iron rusting in the earth? Do these people pick and chose the very same ethical code their whole so called faith is based on? Maybe when dear old Gerald came up with said code he added certain caveats which I am unaware of….or maybe over the years the “None” in “Harm None” was down graded and de-capitalised and the “do what you will part” favoured?! These same people who happily and constantly criticise the Monotheistic faiths for their hypocrisy and endless contradictions are now guilty of the same sin in my eyes and may I say Shame (with a capital Sh!) on them.

I have written countless times to English Heritage and the National trust to better protect and preserve these sites which we are so fu’king lucky to have preserved for us to enjoy.  Over 4000 years after their creation, these places which when approached in silence and serenity, scream their memories back at you and echo lost wisdom for all with ears to hear but are being faced with utter neglect by the very ‘religions’ claiming them as their own.  

Let it be clear this is not the act of local chavs, vandals, drunkards or vagrants….these are pagans (with a small p) unworthy in my opinion of sustained use of these sites and certainly not worthy of sharing the power they hold! Had I the know-how I would happily have the Goddess take these places into the very Mists, just as Avalon did in Marion Zimmer-Bradley’s Novels.  There never to be defiled and disrespected again! I would rather these places be off limits to ALL humans, quietly being consumed by the trees and creatures of the wilds in peace than see the atrocities carried out here in the name of a Goddess these people clearly know nothing about..

So Mote it Be indeed…..

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