Sacred Submersion

There are three things in this world I absolutely couldn’t live without.  Firstly my nightly soak in the tub, it chills me right out and puts a massive full stop in the day.  Being a water sign astrologicaly it’s no wonder really.  My second thing is all things green and growing…I am passionate about the Green World and all the spirits and entities that inhabit it. (I will be posting more on my Wildcrafting and Wortcunning as time goes on).  Last but not least, nothing pushes my buttons more than time with my Gods…sacred space (and sacred time). 

So I want to share with you one of the many aspects of my weekly routine which merges all these things and I look forward to the most, I hope you will feel inspired by this and indulge too.

It’s Monday (sacred to the Moon and therefore any rite involving water will be especially potent).  The sun is just beginning to set outside the bathroom window.  I run a hot steaming bath and prepare myself a hot mug of peppermint and lemon balm tea (for their calmative effect) picked fresh from the garden.  I leave this to infuse whilst I gather a handful of sea salt (or rock salt) in a dish, a small cup of water from The Glastonbury Chalice Well and a square of muslin which I pack with Rosemary, Lavender, White Sage, Juniper and Vervain (all for purificationa nd cleansing) before securing with a piece of string.  I leave this on the edge of the tub whilst I get a few drops of lavender oil simmering in my little oil burner.  I light a few candles, just 2 or 3 strategically positioned for ambience.  I select some appropriate music…Enya, Lorenna Mckennit, Gregorian Chanting and such like which plays softly in the spare room so the sounds waft into the bathroom, mingling with the steam and fragrant oil. 

I slowly drink my tea, and then stripping down to my birthday suit I take hold of the salt and pour into the bath water

“As Water cleanses Earth, May now Earth Cleanse Water and Thus become the blood of the Mother”

I stir the water in the bath, imagining it’s changed into a great cauldron holding within it the worlds oceans and lakes….the very life blood of all of creation.  I drop in my herbal sachet imagining the waters absorbing the herb’s properties.  Dipping my finger into the small cup of well water I anoint myself using a format based on the Wiccan 5 fold kiss, pouring the remaining water into the bath…to rejoin the source.

Taking a deep breath I step into the water, feeling the tingle and buzzing within, as if I can feel every molecule of H2O enlivened and ready to cleanse and purge.  I submerge myself fully, now I am back in the womb, I can hear a heartbeat, is it mine or that of the One who carries me, feeds and nurtures me? The rest of the time is now mine, to be at peace, to revel in the bliss!

With minimal ceremony, no pomp, no lengthy invocations I emerge inspired, full of juice and raring to take on the week ahead.  Magic at its best.

Here are some things to consider when carrying out your own acts of Sacred Submersion

  1. Remember, everything you do or say should have purpose and meaning.
  2. You don’t have to use herbs…you might want to incorporate some health giving elements such as Oatmeal or Powdered Milk for Dry skin, maybe charged quartz crystals in the water (mind you don’t sit on them OUCH!) or maybe if you do want to use herbs they dont have to be for purity’s sake…for example you might be heading straight into ritual and want to include meditative herbs like Mugwort.  Or maybe you have a romanitc night ahead in which case use rose petals for example (Hell!  Why not invite your other half to enjoy the bath with you for that matter wink wink!)
  3. Always try to incorporate a little water from a natural source such as a well or even rain water.
  4. If you only have access to a shower you can still indulge…prepare yourself a large bowl or bucket of hot water as if it were a bath.  At the right moment pour this over your whole body.
  5. This is not a bath in which you should be concerned with shaving your legs or face, washing your hair and so on.  However, there are many great suppliers of herbal soap out there…if its natural and if you have the reason for its use clear in your mind and heart then go for it.  The point her is to stop, relax, turn your attention to the Creatrix, and just be!
  6. My description above is just that…*my* way…play with it, adapt it…we all have our own definitions of what is relaxing just remember the intention
  7. Most importantly of all….ENJOY it.  All acts no matter how mundane can become magical.  Why should bath time be any different?!


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