A Harvest oft Forgotten

Saturday 23rd July marked the opening of the Whitstable Oyster Festival.  For years I have been promising myself a trip over the Downs to the Sea to sample the fresh seafood the Kent Coast has to offer and this year I finally made it (only just as it was incredibly busy and we came close to doing a 180° turn and heading home after finding nowhere to park for what felt like hours!)

I never did find out what they are used for!

Kent’s gorgeous coastline will always have a special place in my heart, it runs through my blood.  My distaff line have stong connections to fishing and my maternal Grandfather worked in the famous Billingsgate Fish Market in London right up until he retired.  My Uncles also held steady jobs there for at least part of their working lives.  For birthdays and Christmas sea food was always on the menu…Crab sticks, Cockcles, Winkles, Jellied Eels, Whelks, Crab Claws, Scallops…all fresh thanks to the perks of my Granpops’s job!

Dropping anchorAncestral connections..










I can still remember sitting picking the dried up fish scales of his hands as he sat in his arm-chair chomping on toffee.

Despite the crowds and cooler weather it was still a great day out…it was worth it for the Cider alone!  Although I was also thrilled to find a wonderful little shop called ‘Herbaceous’ selling herbs by the jar and Kent produce loose leaf teas and coffees. 

The reward...YUM!

All hail the Sea….and all we eat of thee! (a harvest oft forgotten!)

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