High Rocks


You can't help but notice!

On Sunday 24th July we took a trip out of the Medway Valley into whats known as the Weald of Kent.  We wer eon the hunt for Tree Ferns and my othe rhalf remembered a small nursery on the outskirts of Royal Tunbridge Wells (Musn’t forget the ‘Royal’!).  Unfortunately the nursery no longer stocked Tree Ferns however the trip was not wasted as we decided to go for a nice stroll around the high rocks.  This was somewhere i grew very familiar with in my nopt so distant past but as A had never been there i thought it would be a nice trip down memory lane for me, and a new adventure for him.

This place is awe inspiring, not man made like other ancient sites in Kent but completely natural, the atmosphere and imposing rocky outcrops are the result of nature and time alone.  Her ethe Erath energy is strong, the serpent’s breath risies from crevice and crack, from root and rock and the rocks scream millenias’ worth of memories.  As you walk, first along side the gentle running brook and then winding your way up higher and higher, spiraling through the trucnks and canopee of birch until you hit Yew teritory.  The roots spill and cascade over the solid stone like liquid wood…Saturn Lives here…There is no denying it, or escaping his prescence.  The arrow of time points in one direction only (to quote Gandalph!) and no where is this felt more so than amongst the great stone walls and huge Yew Trunks.  There is however comfort, for upon the stone you see the smallest of traces of previous inhabitants and admirers…a tiny reminer of all who have been before, small and humble legacies of the past engraced or imprinted onto the ever present constant that is the cold, dry rock beneath our feet…which here is out and proud for the world to see. 

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