Where art Thou King Arthur

King Arthur, according to Legend and Folk Lore, now rests beyond the veil of time and space in slumber until the time when Great Britain has greatest need of him.  In the last 72 hours we have seen riots, lootings, muggings and arson breaking out all over the country, with London, our capital City, being hit the hardest.  Thousands have lost homes and businesses, been injured and just plain afraid to set foot outside their front door.  In the last year there have been Union strikes, major protest marches some of which have also concluded with a great climax of violence and civil unrest.

Horrific indeed! Yet for some reason I seem to be very misunderstood when I express my reactions to these events.  In the last 3 days Facebook and Twitter have been bombarded with tweets and status updates claiming that the only way to solve violence is with more violence “Beat the scummy F*ckers” and “Bet they would soon stop if faced with an army rifle” are but two examples.  On the flip side some reactions have been more pitiful and sympathetic to those have been affected and less concerned with the criminals. 

As a witch, and one who draws heavy influence from the Qabalah it is clear to me that most people clearly fall on one of the two great pillars, either that of Mercy or Severity.  I however do my up most to seek the middle path and am faced with gross objection from those to my left and right.

This country, as it stands is in a complete political stalemate.  We have a government who were not elected by the majority who have since their inception broken promise after promise.  Hundreds if not thousands of hard-working Britons face redundancy (myself included) and those who choose not to work do so because they are in fact better off financially than those who do.  The rich upper classes (the majority of whom hold seats of so-called power) gradually become wealthier through the abolishment of inheritance tax and allowing ‘Fat Cat’ bankers to continually claim hefty bonuses at the expense of our economy.  The media, the one institution in this world we rely on to be objective and impartial to provide us with global news have recently been under the microscope as allegations of illegal phone hacking emerge.  Our armed forces (including police men and women) stuck in war zones, forced to put their lives on the line every day or take part in un just Wars, in countries who do not even want us there whilst the government pledges to cut these forces by thousands in the coming months.  Our National Health service is causing more deaths than it is preventing with the disgusting state of our hospitals causing diseases like C. difficile and MRSA, the elderly and vulnerable of society often being left for hours without care or even simple acknowledgement.  Food prices soar as a direct result of increasing fuel costs, thousands of homes across the country facing extortionate and unaffordable energy bills, charities and community centres are closing every day, council estates and housing associations can not afford to renovate and care for their properties, many of which make me wonder whether Britain is in fact a ‘developed country’ at all!  Yet none of this can be fixed without investment, and there is sadly no money left to invest with the prospect of a double dip recession looking more likely every day!

Now tell me again that those hundreds of youths out on the streets have no reason to express frustration, anger and hatred? What have they got left to respect? Who do they have to look up to? Teachers are too scared to use discipline, families breaking up and divorce at its highest…what 15 year old in Britain today has something to be truly proud of?

I DO NOT now nor have I ever condoned violence.  Yet rather than react instinctively (in exactly the same way the perpetrators of these riots have done) is it not better to stand back, to see that maybe just maybe this might do some good? The great Fire of London destroyed so many lives, so many homes back in the 1600’s yet it also destroyed plague, it cleansed the city of vermin and disease.  Public safety must be prime concern at all times, yet the public will never be safe when our public resource is spread so thin. 

We have been presented with a real opportunity here to sit up, pay attention and really look at what is going on around us.  It’s high time we take note, take rightful action and change. 

King Arthur does indeed live…inside the heart of Great Britain, and inside the Hearts of the Great British, we need only remember what made Britain so great…Once upon a time!  It’s time to create the legends of tomorrow, to resurrect our Great Heroes and give them a voice for future generations to look up to, if only to prevent pain and loss on this scale in years to come.

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