Another Bountiful Harvest

This evening we went for an impromptu walk…mainly I wanted to collect elderberries for wine before the birds stripped them and also because everything is so damn early this year I was afraid everything would wither and drop long before i got chance.

One harvest ends, the beautiful golden wheat fields which have chequered my beloved North Downs for the last few months have been cut to stubble.  The poppies now seem to bask in the fading, dare I say, autumnal sunlight like a carpet of blood washed over the chalky white soil, a memorial to the sacrifice of Kings.

All that remains....

in Memorium

Yet as the bounty of the fields comes to an end, another harvest is just beginning and the hedgerows here are positively brimming with fruit just ripe for the picking.

Early Blackberries

Native Crab Apples

Seductive Rose Hips ripe with Seed

Dusky Sloes...longing to intoxicate :-p

Unfortunately the Elderberries this year are poor, perhaps too dry, perhaps too early? We managed to collect enough for one batch of wine…surprising given the abundance of flowers the Old Girls produced this year!

Yet Fruit wasn’t all we found…

Scots Pine

A rather fine grove of Pine trees…huge and towering over us as the sun began to set, yet each one oozed the smallest droplets of liquid from the creviced gnarled bark.  The purest golden resin…liquid sunlight almost edible and smelling like Old Hornie Himself.

Golden droplets of Sap

Twilight was upon us and i could feel one world settle down to slumber as another began to stir into life.  blackbirds screeched past, bidding fair well to the sun for another day as Owls all over the wood began to hoot and tweet…letting each other know their place.  The air temperature cooled dramatically and then as we walked past the ‘dread crossed roads’…I saw the first leaf fall.

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