A Well Trodden Path (Part II)

Just some pictures from Saturday’s exploration of my local leg of the Pilgrims Way.  The memories oozed from the chalky flint ridden path, at one point a horse was heard, right behind us…a heavy bray clearly weary from travelling for the last hundred years.

Still much to explore…

Leading away from The Dread Crossed Roads

Pilgrims approach to the Coldrum Longbarrow

Pilgrims Way runs along the bottom of this ridge


Further along the Faerie Path

Into White Horse Wood

A Path Well Trod!


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5 Responses to A Well Trodden Path (Part II)

  1. Beautiful photos. I am particularly fond of archways/tunnels formed through hedgeways @o)

  2. Lovely! I always think that when you get a tunnel of trees (funnily enough this is what I used for meditation symbolism lol) it is so magical. Stunning photos 🙂

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