The Eternal Juggler

As Above, So Below…What you say on Earth, I shall hold true in Heaven…Microcosm and Macrocosm.  The great architects of this big ol’ Universe are forever juggling the forces of light and dark, mercy and severity, push and pull and life and death

As Summer draws to a close, the current of the Autumn Equinox is making itself felt in the winds, the increasing hours of darkness and the dropping temperatures.

Astrologically the Sun moves into Libra around this time, the great Scales of balance.

But are scales really an apt symbol for this time of year in our modern society? Surely balance is stagnation? What about the juggler?

Look at your life right now…look at your to do list! If your anything like me you are already planning for the period between All Hallows (Samhain / Halloween) and Yule / Christmas.   Shop owners will be taking on extra staff to cover the rush, factories and manufacturers pushing those final orders to balance the books before year-end, even animals busily gather nut and seed, frantically feed to put on those extra fat layers to see them through the cold. It doesn’t sound very balanced to me!

Every day us mere mortals here on Earth seem to be spending more of our time juggling our various tasks, our work commitments, our family obligations, our social interactions, tending to our homes and gardens and all the while trying to practise our craft, the Arte Magical, everything is urgent, everything is important.  So we juggle, we rob Peter to pay Paul…As Above, So Below…or is it?

There is a lesson, there is wisdom in the Equinox.  Even the greatest of Jugglers must drop the occasional ball or two.  Libra is an Air sign, and Autumn often brings those strong biting winds, ripping the last sheds of life from branch and limb, sweeping away dust and detritus freeing the land from its summer burden scattering seed upon the ground to rest and to slumber.

Despite our ever busying lives and ever-growing to do lists its important for us all to observe the lessons the equinox brings.  We too must asses which ‘balls’ we can and should drop.  If we are to truly embrace the natural ebb and flow as Witches we must absolutely take a leaf out of the book of the oldest of jugglers and shed our burdens like seeds upon the earth.  There to be transformed and flourish.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before I stop for 2 whole weeks…one down….!

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