Book Review – Folklore of Kent

 Folklore of Kent by Fran and Geoff Dole is a fantastic read for anyone who lives in or is familiar with the Kent countryside and its rich history.  This book covers topics such as traditional Summer and Winter Customs, Lore of the Hop Pickers, the Hoddening Horse, Beating the bounds, Reported hauntings and of course snipets of accounts from Kent’s Witches and Cunning folk (especially inmteresting!)

I read this book initially as I was struggling with those intial hurdles when it comes to local / familiy history…where the hell do I start!?!  This book however is surely it!  I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out on the long winding road towards discovering Kent’s native customs and it provides a fantastic steeping stone to further study!  The pictures and photographic illustrations are almost worth buying this book for alone!

Other books in this series include ‘Folklore of Essex’ and ‘Folklore of Northumbria’ to name a couple.  This book and others are available on Amazon

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