Book Reviews – Mastering Witchcraft

I have now read ‘Mastering Witchcraft’ by Paul Huson about 3 times.  Admittedly the title of this infamous book is somewhat misleading, no one, no matter how many books they read can ever claim mastery of the arts… proficiency maybe but there isn’t a book out there that can turn one into a master. 

That aside, each time I’ve read this book I have always found something of value.  It’s quite an eclectic contents presenting material which is clearly drawn from Ceremonial, Kabbalistic, Grimoire and Folk traditions.  I’m not big into the conjuration of Demons, but that doesn’t mean to say one shouldn’t understand the principles behind the process, after all there are plenty of folks out there who are which is where Huson’s excellent chapter on protection and self-defensive magic comes in useful. 

Despite the controversy around Paul Huson’s background (i.e. was he really a practising Witch etc.) I find this book to be an inspiring read, there is something authentic about the way he presents the material, despite the on-going debate, and thanks to Huson, I shall be crafting my own Magic Mirror (or Speculum as he calls it) later this year. (Blog will surely follow!)

If I have to give one word of warning it is this.  Whilst I recommend this book (along with several others) to anyone seeking a de-wiccanised, Traditional Craft practise there are recipes and such described by Huson that must be investigated before embarking upon.  For example, he does make use of herbs which are known poisons so be extra careful if you are not an experienced herbal practitioner.  Also Paul Huson makes extensive use of various sigils and symbols which as we all know can have tremendous influence on the deep mind (hence their use) but I would recommend looking into each symbol in greater depth.  At worse the effect will be detrimental, at best; if the symbol means jack-shit to you it will have no impact at all.  There is a lesson here for everyone who would follow published works blindly… do your research! Paul Huson uses a great deal of Latin etc. too…the same applies.  We are living in the 21st century; at the very least we have Google translate at our disposal.  Again…words are power, we should understand what it is we are saying in such magical settings, failing that say nothing at all. 

I like to think of this book as a door way into a world of the magic Wicca forgot (or probably turned its nose up at!).  Think of  this book as a low rung upon a mighty ladder, use it as a source guide, use it as reference or starting point for further study and you won’t go far wrong.  Paul Huson has indeed written and inspirational piece which has got tongues wagging for years, it’s worth reading just to see what all the debate is about! 🙂

You can purchase a copy of this book at (Opens new Amazon Window)

Paul Huson is also the author of ‘Mastering Herbalism’ a book I am yet to read (once I’ve cleared the back log a little!) 

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