Mirror Mirror (Part 1)

Scrying is the art of ‘seeing’ (that is seeing visions etc) in some form of physical medium like a mirror, smoke, water or the infamous crystal ball.  Anyone who knows the Fairy Tale of Snow White will be at least a little familiar with its purpose although vanity isn’t a governing factor (“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of them All?”).  Scrying is an ability I have been practising for a little while now and I’m getting better.  However I do not advocate (in fact I’m dead against) people feeling obliged to spend a small fortune on any magical tool; in my opinion it’s far better to craft your own objects for there is magic in the making as well as the using.  Similarly I was taught that to learn the art of scrying nothing other than a dark surface such as a wall, a rock face or even the bark upon a tree…no expense, no handy skills just time, practise and patience…difficult to master in themselves!

That being said, I recently re-read ‘Mastering Witchcraft’ by Paul Huson and he discusses what he calls the Speculum (magic mirror) at length in his chapter dedicated to divination.  Having looked around online I was impressed by the amazing works of art available to buy… magic mirrors surrounded by ornate brass and woodwork frames that must have taken the craftsman hours to create.  I was not however impressed by the price tags.  Paul Huson gives perfectly good and useable instructions to make your own for next to no cost, so that’s what I did.

Referring to the temple of all bargains (also known as Ebay) I managed to track down an old 7” convex clock glass for all of £5 (including shipping) in very good condition with no chips or cracks.  When it arrived I gave it a thorough clean in hot soapy water followed by a good rinse in Mugwort infused water.  Once completely dry I polished the surface free of all water spots using Four Thieves vinegar.  (Plain old vinegar will do for getting water marks and streaks off but using Four Thieves gets rid of any tough residual ‘magical’ nasties as well).

I sprayed the Convex side of the glass (that’s the side that curves outwards) with about 5 coats of black acrylic spray paint (£3 in most craft and DIY shops).  It took that many to completely stop any light passing through.  Paul Huson recommends adding dried, powdered wormwood to the paint but this is near on impossible when using spray paint.  When the clock glass is turned over, so you look at the concave side, you should have a reflective surface, as black as the darkest night.

I made a drawstring bag out of black cotton fabric which I had lying around large enough to hold the mirror and its stand (I also bought the stand on eBay… just a simple 4” plate stand made of dark mahogany wood for about £4 but if you have the necessary skills you could make your own).  Always keep anything magically charged in dark fabrics like black cotton which acts as magical insulation to prevent any energy being dissipated by light!  I added a small bunch of dried Mugwort to the pouch and there it remained until it was time to consecrate it.

The Finished Article

During the next full moon I set up my altar and followed Paul Huson’s instructions …almost to the letter.  I used a ‘Triangle of Art’ although not the way Paul Huson describes and not made the same way either.  No matter what, if the inspiration of ‘contact’ tells you to do something different…its best to do it.  I didn’t make use of a Magic Square of Mercury either… I’ve never needed one before for scrying!

The mirror was consecrated with holy water, flame and incense smoke and placed within its stand in my own version of the Triangle of Art.  From this point on what happens is anyone’s guess.  All you can do is relax, and by relax I don’t just mean ‘de-stress’ the muscles… it’s vital to let go of any expectations.  You never try to see anything, and certainly don’t fight anything that happens.  The experience is unique to each of us.  I find that I lull in and out of vision….slipping deeper and my peripheral vision clouds and blurs…the mirror becomes a tunnel into everything, a realm where past, present and future converge, where the worlds meet and our concept of space becomes meaningless.  Then visions may come… sometimes a flash of an image, sometimes an image which evolves and morphs fluidly from one to another, sometimes not even on the scrying surface at all but in peripheral vision.  Sometimes the experiences lull me into heavy a trance like state where my eyes need to close and the inside of my eyelids becomes the scrying surface.  Remember, The mirror does not generate the images anymore than a cinema screen generates the moving images of a motion picture…this comes from a projector behind the scenes…in this case its the divinatory powers of the mind (what some people call the 3rd eye).

Then I may find myself becoming more conscious again, more alert for a time and then drift off again and so on.  The patterns of the brain during this type of work seem very similar to the patterns observed during sleep.

Whatever happens, happens.  Accept all that comes to you.  It may even be in a dream afterwards.  The next job (which I personally find to be the hardest) is understanding what the hell the visions mean!!

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6 Responses to Mirror Mirror (Part 1)

  1. chatters125 says:

    Hi great post

    I know what you mean about the price tags. I want to make a mirror. At the moment I have a piece of glass in a picture frame with darker pieces of paper behide the glass. However I want to look at making my own mirror. The one you have made looks lovely

    • downstrodden says:

      Well it serves the purpose which is all anyone can ask for :-). Start with Ebay..its great for things like this! Good Luck!

  2. chatters125 says:

    Thanks I will do. Maybe have a look after yule and christmas now(-:

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  4. I have always been interested in scrying and your post was very informative. Thank you! Maybe I will try this. 🙂

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