New Arrival!

This week I was fortunate enough to receive a new member into the magical household.  No, No! Not a child, although this particular ‘old boy’ has been sought after just as much and certainly for quite some time. 

New Arrival...

And isn’t he a beaut?!?   He arrived last week, all neatly packaged.   I was so excited when the rather large box arrived and as I slowly and carefully unpacked him I could feel his personality before I even saw him.  A little old man who looks young for his years, jovial and mischievous, seemingly nothing special, probably not the stud…but there is definitely something about him I can relate to…!

When he was all unpacked and I had finished going over him with my amateur Osteo-archaeologist’s eye I placed him gently on my home altar, lit a candle with a prayer of thanks for the sacrifice so humbly made and left offerings of burning incense, bread, milk, honey and brandy and anointed the old chap with a little oil. 



Giving Thanks


The next day he was given a good clean in luke-warm water with a little laundry detergent and a toothbrush, before finally rinsing him off and soaking him in peroxide to bring the bone back to its former brilliance.  As this particular skull was already pretty white, presumably the result of sun bleaching, it didn’t take long and before you know it he was back in his rightful place upon the altar.

I will begin working with him, in the way one would work with a skull gradually and in the fullness of time, for now we shall continue to get acquainted!

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One Response to New Arrival!

  1. downstrodden says:

    Isn’t he just… like I said, He’s probably not the most impressive, but then sometimes the most magical of things can appear quite humble!! 🙂 Cheers Love! x

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