The Ides of March

So there I was at work one day, browsing Facebook in my lunch hour when up on my news feed a friends photo pops up.  Ordinarily I wouldnt pay much attention, however this particular photo showed the most beautiful huge masses of brilliant white snowdrops growing on top of graves…I had to know where this was.  I found out…and today I went to visit this place.

I can not even begin to describe the beauty and majesty of St Mary’s Church and Burial Grounds in the centre of Ide Hill village just outside of Sevenoaks.  Claimed to be one of the tallest churches in Kent, owing to the fact that Ide Hill is one of the highest points over looking the Weald, this is a truly remarkable place where time seems to have stood still for the last few centuries and I feel so very blessed to live but a thirty minute drive away!

I will let the following photos do all the talking for there simply aren’t the words to describe how this very special place made me feel….clumps of snowdrops growing atop old Victorian graves in a church dedicated to the virgin…if ever there was a place to see the spirals of life and death in full embrace, this is it.

I hope you enjoy the photos…I only wish I could share the true beauty I was witness to!

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

St Mary's Church

The lychgate, offering a peek of white hides inside

Lining the approach


A Peek inside

Life dances with Death

graves of all shapes and sizes..

some defeated by time

others stand victorious

all of them "Sacred"

life overflowing

out upon the land


Thank – you ‘A’ for introducing me to this amazing place!


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4 Responses to The Ides of March

  1. Beautiful images, I love your blog Jay !

    • downstrodden says:

      Thanks! I thought of you professional types when I was there, cursing the fact I only have my iphone to capture these moments!!! If you want any of the images to do your thing with just say the word! I have all the unadulterated originals!

  2. Sarah Moore says:

    I was at Ide Hill today, and went to the churchyard, it was so beautiful, the light was intense,the primroses and daffodils were in bloom everywhere, and seeing them among the gravestones was so heartening, a reminder that life goes on. I love this part of Kent, with its pretty villages and tiny hamlets and woods and hills. The woods at Ide Hill, with the streams and tree roots and abundant flowers have quite a presence.Good to see this wonderful place is so admired!

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