Proof of the Pudding

Almost a year ago to the day I began researching and locating possible locations to hold the Vigil of St Mark’s.  The church I found is dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch and isn’t far from my home.  Unfortunately that fateful night was a complete disaster and the vigil was postponed (see The Epic Failure of St Marks)

Now it’s exactly one year on from discovering the church.  Last night I was doing some book and web trawling, trying to find recipes traditional to the county of Gloucestershire where my paternal ancestors lived since the mid 1600’s.  I came across an odd sounding suet pudding called Heg Peg Dump.  Traditionally the fruity steamed pudding is made on the 20th July…the feast day of St Margaret of Antioch (affectionately known as St Peg, hence the name of the pudding) once a very popular saint… in the county of Gloucestershire!

So exactly one year since I discovered the Church of St Margaret of Antioch in my home land of Kent, I find a connection linking my homeland to Her and to the Fatherland …Is Peg trying to get my attention?  Maybe it’s my Ancestors speaking through my love of traditional fare, just a subtle reminder of their presence perhaps? Maybe ancestral memories locked deep in bone and blood subconsciously drove me to that church that night a year ago today…something inside calling me to a little slice of ‘home’?  Maybe it’s just coincidence…?

I don’t believe in ‘coincidence’ and whatever the reason, it’s these funny little quirks and twists of providence that never fail to bring a smile to my face… forget grandiose conjurations, ghostly apparitions, wham bam sparks and lightning…this is magic, this is my proof and the proof is indeed “in the pudding”.  Rest assured there will be Heg Peg Dump baked in this house on the 20th July, dedicated to the blessed St Peg…daughter of a Pagan, regurgitated by a serpent…beloved Virgin of my fore fathers!

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