Extinct Erections!

I’m a huge advocate of alternative and natural healing methods; I am supportive of culture and custom being preserved within reason.  Today however I found out, much to my utter dismay, that the Black Rhino has been declared officially extinct, thanks in large part to being over hunted for their beautiful ivory tusks which are sold on the black market and used primarily in traditional Asian medicine (and to mount and hang on hunters walls too no doubt).  Read the full Mail Online Article Here 

We shouldn’t allow this to continue….but what can we do to stop it?

If today’s Asprin consumption still relied only on its natural source, Willow and Poplar tree bark, then I am sure we would be facing a world shortage of Willow and Poplar trees by now also.  Fortunately human kind has been given immense brains, allowing us to evolve and progress…we can now synthesise asprin based on the salicylic acid compounds naturally found in trees like Willow and Poplar.  This is what God / Nature has given us…the means and the resources to use for the benefit of all….not to exploit beyond repair!

We don’t need to shun the natural approach to healing in favour of the synthetic, neither should we completely dismiss good old pharmaceuticals over the natural…if humanity is to continue as it currently is then we need both and they can work side by side, if anything they need to.  Nature has provided us with everything we need, we owe it to nature to look after the precious resources we have been given, otherwise we are no more than a virus….sweeping through the planet’s delicate living ecosystems, consuming and multiplying, consuming and multiplying…but guess what…nothing lasts forever and one day we will consume and multiply ourselves out of existence as resources become more precious and more limited and as Man’s greed consumes Him at the same rate!

The irony of it all is that the ivory is used in male potency medicine…Wake up folks…the population is big enough…and if you’re having a hard time (pardon the pun) getting it up…then you have now forced yourselves to look for a hard-on elsewhere…the Black Rhino’s are gone!!

What will be next?

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One Response to Extinct Erections!

  1. I cannot believe the black rhino is now totally extinct. What a loss for pseudo-medicine for limp dicks are most likely to be blamed on alcohol and old age. I saw a program where they are moving large herds of elephants out of war torn ungoverned central Africa to the US west and mid-west as possibly their only hope of survival.

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