Rewilding Witchcraft

“If your witchcraft, like mine, speaks with animal spirits, is made from plants and flowers and roots and bark and seeds, it cannot continue to pretend that we are not suffering. It has to speak. It has to lament, it has to cry, it has to then be unreasonable”
Peter Grey

Scarlet Imprint have today posted the transcript from a talk given by Peter Grey (Author of ‘Apocalyptic Witchcraft’) at the Pagan Federation South Central Conference this past Saturday.

I read it, I reacted to it, (I am still reacting to it) I retweeted it, and now I’m blogging about it…why?  Because in my opinion everyone needs to read this (Witch or otherwise). Despite our own views, despite the fact we might know some of these stark facts already, despite how much we might share (or not) some of Peter’s opinions, everyone (including myself) needs to hear these words ‘out loud’.

I am not going to dissect or comment on Peter’s talk or the views he expresses (there will be plenty enough who will do that grave disservice I’m sure).  Instead I will say only this; I challenge your gut to be still and your heart to be silent whilst reading…If you find your self unmoved read it again…and then again!




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2 Responses to Rewilding Witchcraft

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  2. milliecrow says:

    Thoroughly agree.

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