Corn and Grain

photoAcross the south east the grain harvest begun in earnest. Seed sown into the rich fertile soil in autumn has slumbered throughout the dark days of winter, been stirred into life and quickened by gentle spring rains and ripened under the heat of the summer sun. Now with the coming of the Harvest Moon, the combine harvesters begin tirelessly mowing the fields up and down, up and down, day and night until the job is done.

At Michaelmas seed tumbles to the ground like falling stars, each carrying our wishes and hopes for the year ahead, and now at Lammas tide, armed with scythe and sickle, we reap those ambitions made manifest, the result of months of blood sweat and tears.

The spirit of the land is entombed within millions and millions of cereal grains either ‘trapped’ in corn dollies showering blessings upon the hearth and barn or baked as nutritious loaves for sharing, devouring and absorbing…The cycle complete.

The mysteries associated with this time of year are rich and complex and equally diverse. We are all created from the land and just as we devour and ingest each loaf of bread or cake made from the ground up bones of John Barleycorn so too will we one day be interred within the ground there to rot and decompose, the constituent parts of our bodies being absorbed back into the land, our souls going on to another state of being… We too transform just as the spirit of the land itself transforms from raw power, to life giving grains of wheat or corn, and then flour and then us. We are all part of the sacred cycles and interwoven connections, connections without beginnings and without ends… We are the land.

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6 Responses to Corn and Grain

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx xoxo

  2. KaylaB says:

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    Filled with thoughts of the harvests, and how it connects us to the land. Beautiful.

  3. wealdandwold says:

    How is the fruit harvest round you? Our cherries are pretty much over round here, but there are SO MANY apples, it’s bonkers – though the blackberries are horrible this year after the lack of rain…

    • downstrodden says:

      Sounds like it’s similar to your area! Lots of hedgerow berries but much smaller than last year! Earlier fruits were good though 🙂

  4. Tish Farrell says:

    One fears that many of the younger generation have no sense of connection with the notion of harvest, the cycles of growing, the keeping of land in good heart. When I look at our Shropshire fields – at least the ones behind my house, the soil after harvest looks crucified, compacted, unclean somehow. It is never allowed to rest – wheat grown in the same place two years running, much spraying delivered by juggernaut vehicles, much of the crop wasted by said juggernauts driving it into the ground – acceptable wastage. Sorry. This is a bit depressing. Your post is very uplifting. More power to the growing.

    • downstrodden says:

      Hi there! It’s very hard to resolve a desire to be close to land and it’s natural cycles, without overlooking the damage intense farming is doing! Agriculture and the mysteries of the fields are deeply entrenched in the human psyche…so deep in fact that we often forget!!

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