Those who follow my blog may have noticed how quiet I’ve been over the past few months. A significant death in the family just before Christmas followed by the chaos of Christmas itself, new year and then getting back to work, plus a whole myriad of other things demanding my time have called me away from writing. By now I have usually started the annual spring cleaning of the house, possibly observed Candlemas and begun getting stuck in with the garden but alas none of this has happened yet…

Around this time of year, especially January, I find my energy levels to be generally lower, sluggish and more introvert…normally not a problem but with all of the above sapping away precious reserves I came to find myself hauled up in bed with glands the size of golf balls surrounded by bottles of Echinacea Tincture, Paracetamol and wearing a hundred layers (depending on whether I experience cold shivers or hot sweats). There is a lesson in there somewhere….

Needless to say I came to realise I had spread myself far and wide over a vast number of responsibilities at a time of year when my energy levels are already on low ebb…and what’s more feeling guilt and stress that I wasn’t dedicating every waking moment to Witchcraft! My Gods do not demand penance for a ritual not done, however, being aware of this fact doesn’t always make us feel less obliged, despite not really being able!

I wonder whether religious indoctrination forces us to be unduly hard on ourselves? Whether we like it or not centuries of being a Christian country has affected us all to some extent. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if I don’t ‘go to church every Sunday’, what good are Witches, who supposedly observe and work with the rhythms of nature when we can’t even observe and work with our own? What good is a rundown, wiped out, spent creature shivering in bed?

There are times when life is more demanding; there are sometimes more pressing issues to attend to and activities which require what energy we have to spare. There is wisdom in knowing when to fight, and when to surrender, when to rest and when to act.

It’s so important that we recognise our down times. Biologically we humans have daily cycles of high and low energy but we also experience them as part of an annual cycle, and magically speaking this may be different for each of us. Some may feel empowered by the cold dark nights, others by the long warm days, some feel more power in the full of moon where others feel super charged by an invisible one. These are fundamental things we must strive to know about ourselves if we are to work successfully as Witches.

We should know and understand our personal rhythms and also how they relate to universal rhythms and more than that we must embrace and go with the flow. It’s OK to be kind to ourselves once in a while, to take a step back and simply just exist for a while….to enjoy simple comforts and relaxation and we need patience…in time the spring will come, the ice will melt and the seed will germinate anew, if we keep pulling on the stems before the proper time however, we are likely to do more harm and have nothing to show for all our exhausting efforts.

“Adopt the pace of Nature, her secret is patience…”

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One Response to Rhythms

  1. aineobrien says:

    Wonderful. True. I find that the ways of religion that we were taught as a child stay with us – especially the “separateness” of spirituality and life. In truth it is a part of life, one that we can’t organize or categorize (even though at times we would like to.) Lately I have learned the importance of the inner and outer sides of spirituality, and the way life guides us (gently or not-so-gently) to be in the place we need to be. Right now, I am in a more quite mode, more observant, less active and this time, finally, I have not seen this as a bad thing, or a wrong thing, or a sign that I am once again becoming bored and itchy for something new. This time, I went within as they say, and instead of doing/giving I am allowing myself to receive, but spending quite time, more meditation, and listening. I’ve decided that most religions demand too much doing. This prayer, that ritual, this holy day, that custom. Sometimes we just have to be quiet, open up, listen. And wait. Yeah, that’s the hard part.

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