About Me

I have been a seeker along the crooked path for a few years now, still very much finding my feet, stumbling over the occasional hurdle, and learning as I go.  My journey began when I first discovered the writings of Robert Cochrane (aka Roy Bowers) and eventually others such as E J Jones, Bill Gray, Nigel Person, Mike Howard, Gemma Gary and so on.  Over time these authors have all contributed to my craft and my practise as it lives and breathes…today!  Tomorrow it may change!

This blog is not about how to, this blog is not about academic research, this blog is not for profit, this blog is not a means to achieve acclaim or recognition.  I am in no position to tell anyone how to do anything and I am not an idle academic.  Sure I love to read but all that means squat if you don’t get out there and do.  So, that’s what this blog is about…my doings and my craft as I practise it upon and within my home lands of Kent.

Unlike other parts of the country, Cornwall, East Anglia and such like, Kent’s native traditional practises seem buried, covered by the sands of time.  Perhaps there are those living not far from me who still remember, still practise the old ways specific to this land as it is, nestled within the cradle of the North Downs littered with its megalithic structures, tombs, chambers and cairns.  I however am yet to encounter them, maybe I never will, so I continue along the way sharing what I can, hoping that maybe it will be of interest and of use to others in a similar situation to me, all I ask is this…don’t take my word for anything, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

My core philosophy is simple, and you may hear me rant about it from time to time.  There is nothing we can’t do, there is no one better than we…every man and woman is a star, it’s simply a case of learning, practising and perhaps to some extent remembering.  We all seek ‘The Grail’ in our own way, in our own time and at our own pace but each of us has something unique and valuable to contribute to the craft current.

I am not Pagan, I am not Wiccan, I do not subscribe to any such Dogma, you will see throughout my ramblings references to qabbalah, Christianity, Judaism, herbalism, low magic, high magic, gardening, cookery, spinning, saint veneration, ancestor veneration, animals, healing, hexing etc etc.  I am a magpie, and my craft evolves with every useful and practical shiny bit of new information and experience I bring back to my nest.

Read on…and enjoy!

You can contact me via the feedback form below or find me on Twitter or Facebook.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Because your blog inspires me and is a delight to read, I would like to present you with the Beautiful Blogger Award. You are free to accept it or not, but wither way, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful blog.


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