The Bookshelf

bookshelfHere is a list of books which I keep very close to hand, books I refer back to often…there aren’t many, relatively speaking, but each of these has played its part in helping me grow and develop, some represent writting which simply get the juices flowing and inspire me to get out there and do the work, others are true companions of arte…dog eared, written in, stained and torn…as any good book should be…books are not there to look pretty on a shelf and collect dust.  Just like the food we enjoy, a large part of what makes a book ‘good’ is down to taste as much as it is content, but a really good book should leave you feeling nourished yet hungry for more!

Traditional Witchcraft
Sacred Mask Sacred Dance                                       E J Jones & Chas Clifton
Children of Cain                                                           Michael Howard
Genuine Witchcraft Explained                                  John of Monmouth
Hands of Apostasy                                                      Mike Howard& Daniel Schulke
The Robert Cochrane Letters                                   Robert Cochrane

Folk Magic / Old Craft / Grimoire
To Fly by Night                                                           Veronica Cummer
The Devils Dozen                                                         Gemma Gary
The Charmers Psalter                                                Gemma Gary
Mastering witchcraft                                                   Paul Huson
A Witch’s Mirror                                                          Levannah Morgan
Traditional witchcraft; A Cornish Book of Ways     Gemma Gary
Treading the Mill                                                         Nigel Pearson
Walking the Tides                                                        Nigel Pearson
A Deed Without Name                                                Lee Morgan
The Cunningman’s Handbook                                   Jim Baker
Liber Noctis                                                                  Gary St Nottingham
The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet                             David Rankine

Western Mystery Tradition / Occult/ Gnostic
The Magus                                                                    F Barrett
The Mystical Qabbalah                                               Dion Fortune
Western Inner Workings                                            William G Gray
777                                                                                  Aleister Crowley
The Nag Hammadi Scriptures                                   Marvin Meyer

Herb Lore
Leechcraft                                                                      S Pollington
Mastering Herbalism                                                   Paul Huson
Herbcraft                                                                       Susan Lavender & Anna Franklin
A Modern Herbal                                                         Mrs M Grieve
Culpepper’s Complete Herbal                                    Nicholas Culpepper
The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs                        Richard Alan Miller
Breverton’s Complete Herbal                                     Terry Breverton

Kent Folk Tales                                                          Tony Cooper
The Folklore of Kent                                                  Fran and Geoff Doel
Mythology of the British Isles                                  Geoffrey Ashe
Seidways                                                                      Jan Fries
Nine worlds of Seid-Magic                                         Jenny blain
The Pillars of Tubal Cain                                            Nigel Jackson & Michael Howard
The Folk and Fairy Tales of Grimm Brothers        Jacob Grimm


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