The practise of Witchcraft is the practise of magic.  Witchcraft is folk magic, high magic, ceremonial or spontaneous.  Witchcraft is primal, deep. The essence of Witchcraft is in the between spaces, physical and otherwise…you find it upon the stone stile, the threshold, the church porch, the dreamtime, the twilight, the crossroads, the space between breaths, the light betwixt the horns. Magic is the fabric from which the cloak of Witchcraft is cut, tradition dictates the pattern yet the individual determines the colour.  Magic is music, Witchcraft the symphony.

Witchcraft is rooted in the land but is not Pagan, it’s found in chalk and flint, tree, corpse, animal, bone, blood…it is animistic, connected.  Witchcraft is practised under dark starry skies, the bright full moon, the hot noon day summer sun and the freshness of spring sunrise.  Witchcraft is practised in the home, around the glowing hearth, among the cultivated gardens, in derelict barns, in church yards, town squares and city streets…all space is sacred, the compass is carried with us always.  The Craft is tradition, the repository of lore, the fairy tale, Witchcraft is the wicked step mother and the sleeping beauty, the big bad wolf and huntsman.

Witchcraft is not worship, nor is it religion, Witchcraft is art and experiment, gift and sacrifice.  Witchcraft has one God and many, is one faith and all faiths.  ‘The Powers’ are ancient, timeless, unknowable yet ever present.  They are the poison and the remedy, the curse and the cure.  We follow the footsteps of our ancestors yet forge our own path through the green wilderness and the urban wasteland.  Witchcraft is responsibility for one’s self, ones actions, ones deeds and one’s own development.  Witchcraft is independence, freedom, Witchcraft is an awakening to something more, and something other…it is the quest for truth, a lifelong pursuit of evolution and initiation, Witchcraft is the seven fold spiral, the labyrinth, we follow the lantern of the Horned one, through the mystery of night, there are no secrets, but we practise silence.

Witchcraft is rhythmic yet chaotic, wild yet refined, simple yet profound.  Witchcraft is wisdom, knowledge and understanding, it is theory and practise.  Witchcraft requires us to face the darkness, confront the monsters in the dark, to befriend our mortality and illuminate the shadow.

Witchcraft is lawless, free from dogma.  Witchcraft is spontaneous, free from scripture.  Witchcraft is free from polarity yet driven by friction, by a dance of form and force, the ever turning, ever grinding mill of fate.

Witchcraft is power, unabridged, unabated…ecstatic, rapturous. Witchcraft is the heart, it is the gut, it’s getting on and doing the work as well as learning to shut the hell up and listen.  Witchcraft is empowerment to be better, it is the rejection of normality, mundanity, slavery and the embracement of humanity, passion, love, imagination and enchantment.

Witchcraft is undefinable, witchcraft cannot be generalised.  Whilst Witchcraft is rooted in the solid earth it is as fluid as stream and river, whilst Witchcraft is practised with all the conviction of a raging forest fire, it is as hard to capture as the gentle breeze.  What’s true today may no longer be true tomorrow, what I consider to be Witchcraft today, may not be what I call Witchcraft tomorrow…


7 Responses to Witchcraft?

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  2. Elena says:

    Thanks, for a very clear and honest reading

  3. Elena says:

    Once again, you have enlighten me,

  4. An Old Penny In The Woods says:

    You have defined what I feel Witchcraft is! Thank you!

  5. issasvista says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. Found your blog via ShamanicPath. Very inspiring, I shall continue to read with interest. BB xxx

  6. Jim says:

    I loe your take on things. And your eloquence. If you could bottle that, i’d cerainly be first in line… 🙂

    ~ Jim

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